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Queen Rearing

In the spring of 2013, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the University of Nebraska's three day Queen Rearing Workshop. We were provided all the knowledge and hands on training to get us well on our way to start raising queens. This workshop was lead by Professor, Dr. Marion Ellis. He is the one person I can blame for getting me so caught up in beekeeping. His passion is truly infectious.

July 13th I started by prepare a hive using the Cloake board method, creating near swarm conditions. On the 18th I grafted 15) 12 - 24 hour old larva in the the cups. Two days after grafting it was time to look ans see if they were drawing out the queen cells. 11 of the 15 were being drawn out. Not as many as I had hoped for but for my first time I was pleased.

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  • April Newsletter - Beekeeping meeting June 1st:

    Our first meeting on March 31 was a success. We had 24 beekeepers or potential beekeepers in attendance. With your support and input I hope to see this grow even more.


    Well as many of you know this has been a crazy year for getting packages of bees. (click to read more)


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  • Beekeeping in the news...
  • NTV Interviewed Janet Alberts and myself at CCC in Grand Island about beekeeping. This my devolop into a series with any luck, promoting bees and beekeeping. You can find the segment Start Your Own Beehive? on NTV's web site.

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