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Clear Clear
Currently: 81.7, Min: 64, Max: 89.5
81.7°F  falling


Feels like: 83°F
  High Low
Today: 89.5°F (4:51 pm) 64.0°F (6:37 am)
Yesterday: 80.5°F (5:37 pm) 60.7°F (6:45 am)
Month: 90.4°F (Jul 3) 60.7°F (Jul 12)
Year: 94.5°F (Jun 6) -0.6°F (Feb 13)
Station record: 95.3°F (2013) 65.9°F (2012)


Rain Today:0.00 in

Rain Rate/hr:0.00 in

Yesterday:0.00 in

This Month:1.74 in

Season Total:9.25 in

7 days with rain this month 


Wind from SSE

Wind from SSE
9.2 mph

3 Bft
Gentle breeze

9.0 mph

Gust today:
25.3 mph at 2:41 pm


Sun:   sunrise  6:15 am sunset  9:02 pm

Daylight hh:mm 14:47 ( -1 minutes)

Moon:  moonrise  1:53 am moonset  3:25 pm

Waning Crescent,  40% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: rising 54%

Dew Point: falling 63.3°F

Barometer: rising 29.70 inHg

Trend: Rising Slowly

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uv index rounded


10.0   Very†High 

UV Index Forecast more information

uv index rounded


10.6   Very†High 

UV Index Forecast 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded
10.6 10.0 9.7 10.1 10.5 10.9
 Extreme   Very high   Very high   Very high   Extreme   Extreme 
UV forecast courtesy of and Copyright © KNMI/ESA (www.temis.nl). Used with permission.   - script v3: by Wim van der Kuil - Leuven-Template.eu
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